Local Celebrity Experience

BoringHave you ever worked in a large cooperation and your employee ID was 5 digits long? I was 12217 and realized that I was never acknowledged more than my circle of coworkers. It can be the same when going to a new city to have a bachelor party.




Montreal Exclusive goal is to ensure that your stay brings a unique experience of being a local celebrity. Montreal prides itself on the Jet-Set lifestyle, fashion and most of all parties. After brainstorming for about a year, we decided that there needs to be more than just merely skipping a line. We want our guests to be Recognized as part of an elite group that works with Montreal Exclusive.



Why? Your close friend is about to give away his freedom to the woman he loves and its only right that you give him the best send of one can have. We want you to feel the difference between getting great service and becoming part of the Montreal culture where people know you.



We believe in a feeling you get for every activity you do and when you do it with Montreal Exclusive, there is no better.

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