A Bachelor’s Party Planning Checklist For The Best Man And The Groomsmen

A Bachelor’s Party Planning Checklist For The Best Man And The Groomsmen

Planning a bachelor's party for a buddy who is close to you? If it happens that you are the best man and the other friends involved in the plan are the groomsmen then you will have to start planning early. Live up with your best man and groomsmen roles not only on the wedding day but also during the bachelor's party. It pays to know what to include in your bachelor's party planning checklist then!

Best man's planning checklist

You are not chosen to be the best man for nothing. Play your role well in planning the bachelor's party by making sure you bear the following things in mind:

  • Ask the groom to approve the guest list. It is his party not yours thus it pays to know who he wants to be in the party. When he has given you names, make sure they are invited.
  • Schedule the party accordingly. Weekend is a perfect time since most of you may be working during the weekdays. When you find a schedule suitable to everyone, lock it down.
  • Make sure the groom chooses the activities and even the location. You want to please him then better consult him in these aspects of the celebration.
  • Have a rough estimate of the budget. Ask everyone if they want to break the bank equally or if it will be better to have a voluntary contribution for the occasion.
  • Do the booking. If you are planning to spend the party in a place far from home, make sure you book airline tickets and hotel rooms. Book rental cars too if needed.
  • Make a research. Know which places are considered best venues for a bachelor's party.
  • Have an outdoor or a physical activity in mind. Make sure that the groom is interested in such stuff.
  • Purchase whatever is needed – from the foods to the drinks.

The groomsmen's planning checklist

Like the best man, you also have an important role to play in the bachelor's party if you are one of the groomsmen. Your responsibilities in the planning stage includes the following:

  • Approach the best man and ask if he needs help with planning the bachelor's party. If it is a big party then you might as well assume your hand is needed in the planning stage.
  • Make sure that the groom will be having fun. Let him win in any game during the occasion. You can put a tick mark on his favourite game and make sure he wins it.
  • Share in the expenses. Make sure you have allotted a budget for the party expense. Ask the best man a rough estimate of your share.
  • Keep the groom away from drama. Make sure that the mood is upbeat all the time.
  • Ensure that nobody talks about girlfriends, wives or children during the occasion. You do not want scaring the groom with the realities of a married life if you do. Plus, you will always have the time to talk about such stuff in occasions other than the bachelor's party.

These are but a few things to keep in mind when you are planning for a bachelor's party for your friend who will soon tie the knot. Whether you are the best man or one of the groomsmen, you have to ensure that the party will be memorable for the groom as well as the group of guys who are celebrating the milestone. You can also hire bachelor party organizers in Montreal to help you ensure that the party will be stellar. Especially for those of you who have busy schedules, getting a party planner's help can be invaluable!

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