Speak Easy Montreal

Montreal does not seem to be your likely suspect for having speak easy, but history and culture tends to show a different trend. Prohibition hit the United States like a freight train in the 1920s. The ban on alcohol must have felt like a giant hangover that lasted years. Luckily, for the select few, the speak easy bar was available. Canada, not having such restrictions, was the one supplying the demand for alcohol through our common borders.

Montreal now commemorates this prosperous Canadian times by having some great hidden gems all over Montreal.



Big in Japan

HIdden Door Big in Japan

From the outside, all you can see is a bunch of run-down shopping stalls that doesn’t seem to have much going but there is one door that you need to keep a lookout for.







TInside the Speakeasyhe you walk in and it’s like a time machine the transports you back to the 20s where the gangsters were running the town, Sinatra was on every record and the drinks were nothing less than classy.


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